3D League in the Field

Members Only


30 Targets – 300 Maximum score. Binoculars and rangefinders are permitted.

There will be 2 shooters per team and 4 shooters per station. 6 Arrows will be shot by each archer – 1 per target. The targets will each have a colored number 1-6. The color of the placard on the target corresponds with the color stake at the firing line. The shooters will start from the station furthest to the left and will move to the right. If the shooter starts on station two, they will always move to the right and returned back to station one. They will continue to the move right until they complete all stations. The shooters will alternate shots with the opposing team until all six targets are shot. At that time clear will be called and the safety light will be lit for the entire cease-fire. Once a shot is made on a target, the archer must step away from the firing line to look at the shot they made on that target or any target with the use of binoculars.

There will be no make ups for weeks missed.  If you are going to miss a week, you have until the Friday before the day you will miss to pre-shoot the course.  Your score for a pre-shoot will be capped at 5 points above your average.  If you miss a week, your score for the missed week will be your average minus 5 points.

For more information, please contact the Event Coordinator, or the 3D Committee person in the Leadership link.