Suffolk Archers

Formed in 1954, the Suffolk Archers Inc. operated for six years at various facilities on Long Island. In 1960 Suffolk Archers purchased its present 20-acre forest and configured it into a unique combination of open field ranges and meandering archery trails. Suffolk Archers Inc. is an organization dedicated to promoting the sport of field and target archery, along with hunting, using traditional and compound bows.

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Who We Are

A Family Sport

Suffolk Archers is “member owned” based upon the length of time they have been a member in good standing. The organization owns a wooded 20-acre archery park with multiple ranges and  target courses at 86 Pidgeon Hill Road in Huntington Station, NY. Members have 24/7/365 private access. Membership includes spouses and all children living under same roof under the age of 21.

Exciting Events

During the year we schedule more than a dozen events for club members, guests and visitors. These include 3-D events, NFAA sanctioned tournaments, Knock-a-Block tournaments and an awesome Sunday morning, mid-winter, 6-week Snowflake League. There are also special events for those who shoot traditional bows, and a variety of novelty shoots.

Enjoy Yourself

Everything at Suffolk Archers is designed to enable individuals and families to get the most enjoyment out of archery. For example, tournaments have categories for shooters of all abilities, ages and equipment preference to keep competition on par with others at your own level. While competition is always optional at Suffolk Archers, having fun is mandatory!

Forest Preservation Committee

Committee Goals:  The primary goal of the Forest Preservation Committee is to preserve the beauty of the Suffolk Archers Club’s property. The committee’s focus will be on the health and preservation of Suffolk Archers’ trees and shrubbery.

 Committee Establishment:  This committee will be a permanent part of the operating procedures at Suffolk Archers. The Board will determine replacement committee member(s), whenever a committee member(s) leaves the Board of Directors. There should always be an odd number of committee members so as to avoid the inability to make decisions due to tie votes.

Current Committee Members:

Lew Barbera, Pete Donath & Tom Voltz

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Primary Committee Responsibility: To give approval to the Board-designated contractor to remove any trees on Suffolk Archers’ property. A tree or trees will not be cut down without the specific approval of the Forest Preservation Committee.

2)  To work with the Board to interview contractor candidates and choose a vendor to perform tree and landscaping services. This will be accomplished via face-to-face interviews.

3)  The committee will coordinate with federal, state, and/or local authorities which may be able to provide expertise and/or guidance as follows:

  • To preserve the beauty of our forested land which is surrounded by a residential area.
  • To formulate an officially approved forestry plan by a qualified forester.
  • To destroy and remove invasive species which have been identified.
  • To recommend appropriate trees for planting on our property.
  • To recommend a qualified contractor to perform the required labor
  • To provide monetary funds to help us in our efforts.

Membership Support:  All members are encouraged to provide any input or guidance which may support the efforts of the Forest Preservation Committee.

What We Provide

Practice butts from 10 yards to 80 yards in two fields

A 28-target National Field Archery Association (NFAA) Field Course

28 Knock-a-Block target stations

28 or more life-size, full body 3-D animal targets

Multi-deer shots from a family-friendly tree stand

A moving 3-D deer target

Illuminated night shooting

E-mail membership@suffolkarchers.com if you have any questions regarding a membership.