Safety Policies


It is the responsibility of the “primary” member to ensure that all family members and guests entering upon the Suffolk Archers facility are familiar with these Safety Rules and that they agree to abide by them. Members of Suffolk Archers and their guests, whenever on the facility, including when attending scheduled events, shall observe the following range and safety rules to insure the safety of all participants.

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO BROAD HEADS OR PRACTICE BROAD HEADS to be shot on the range or practice butts (except at the Broad Head Pit located at the end of the road at the top of the range). Violation of this Safety Rule is cause for immediate revocation of membership.
  2. ASOLUTELY NO CROSSBOWS or FIREARMS will be shot anywhere on Suffolk Archers Property at any time. Violation of this Safety Rule is cause for immediate revocation of membership.
  3. The entrance gate shall be closed and locked upon entering and leaving, to discourage trespassing. Giving access to non-­­members by sharing/lending gate key cards is cause for revocation of membership.
  4. A person acting unruly or in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave.
  5. It is the responsibility of every archer to insist upon strict standards of safety and courtesy.
  6. No Pets are allowed on Suffolk Archers property.
  7. No Alcoholic beverages or illegal drug use allowed on Suffolk Archers property.
  8. Never put an arrow on the string until it is safe to shoot.
  9. Never shoot into the air or draw your bow higher than the level of your intended target. If your bow draw-­­ weight is so high that you must point your arrow skyward to pull the string, reduce poundage.
  10. Members and guests will only shoot at prescribed target butts, knock-a­blocks or 3D targets, etc. (no aiming at trees or animals).
  11. Members and guests, will not cross or move forward of the shooting line, for any reason, until all shooting has ceased and all shooters on the line know and acknowledge there is a cease fire.
  12. Members and guests will walk from target to target using the prescribed marked trails, in an ascending order. (Example: Target #7 to Target #8) No shortcuts or backtracking allowed.
  13. When looking for lost arrows, YOU MUST ‘PROTECT’ THE TARGET. If you are alone, take the paper target off the face of the butt and place your bow conspicuously in front of the butt, knock-­­a block or 3Dtarget, to let the next person know you are behind the target. If you are in a group, one person must always stay visible in front of the butt, knock-­­a-­­block or 3D target, ‘protecting’ the target.