Renew Membership

Suffolk Archers offers annual family memberships which commence on January 1 and terminate on December 31 of the following year.

Gate cards will be deactivated shortly after January 1st for former members who have not renewed their membership.

Active members in good standing have the right to renew their membership for the following year up to the termination of their current membership. Once membership terminates ALL family membership rights and interests in Suffolk Archers are forfeited. Former members must apply to rejoin Suffolk Archers as new member and are added to the end of our waiting list.

A late fee will be charged to those members who do not timely complete the renewal process which consisits of submitting a Membership Renewal Application and paying the balance due on their account.

Renew your membership, make a payment, review your account balance and verify the status of your membership online:

My Account Log In

Members who are not renewing, please log in above and let us know about your decision as soon as possible so that we can begin awarding new memberships to applicants on our membership waiting list.

All primary members of Suffolk Archers and participating spouses must agree to the Safety Rules and Policies Agreement.

All participating family members over 18 years old must agree to the WAIVER/RELEASE of Liability and Agreement. A parent/guardian with participating minors must complete the bottom section of the WAIVER/RELEASE of Liability and Agreement. All participating family members must know and abide by the SAFETY RULES of Suffolk Archers.  The primary member is responsible for making sure the other participating members of their family know, understand and abide by all Safety Rules. We use the renewal process to update the roster of participating family members and ensure that participating family members agree to the applicable terms above.

Several years ago Suffolk Archers reached its limit for the number of members permitted by its By-Laws and its waiting list for those membership slots is growing. One of the objectives of the Membership Committee is to admit new members so that they are fully engaged in the club at the begining of the membership year. The renewal due date was set one month before the begining of the membership year so that the Membership Committe has enough time to interview and admit member candidates on its waiting list as close to the start of the new membership year as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience changing the due date may have caused. Please contact Suffolk Archers before the due date if you need an extension to pay the balance due on your account.

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals and payments should be made through MY ACCOUNT. Significantly all members renew online.

Because we use the information we have on file, online renewals have far less errors and omissions than renewals submitted by mail. Review and update the data, if necessary, check some boxes and your done in minutes. We accept credit card, debit card and PayPal payments online. We also issue refunds immediately if you make overpayments online. You may also submit your Membership Renewal Application online and then later mail in your payment or pay in person at the lodge by February 28th.

Renew by Mail – send a check or money order along with your completed and signed Membership Renewal Application and, if necessary, the Membership Data Change Form to:

Suffolk Archers, Inc.,Attn: Treasurer
86 Pidgeon Hill Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Incomplete or erroneous Membership Renewal Applications will not be considered received until all sections are completed and/or all corrections are made. Over 20% of mail in renewals contain errors or omissions. Please include an e-mail address where we can promptly notify you of errors and omissions in your Membership Renewal Application Package.

Make a Payment – Even if you initially elected to pay your dues by mail or in person when you submitted your Membership Renewal Application Package, you may make your payments online at MY ACCOUNT to ensure timely credit to your account. Your membership renewal is not complete until payment is received.

Membership Support

Contact our membership treasure for any questions dealing with dues.  You can find that information in the “Leadership” link.

Contact the event organizer if work credits have not been posted to your account.