Hunter Style 3D Shoot

FREE for Members
$30 for Non-Members (Member Guests)
$10 for Ages 13-17
Under 13 FREE

This tournament is open to all members of Suffolk Archers and Member Guests, and may be shot with traditional or compound bows.

• 8:00 am Registration and Practice Opens
• 9:00 am Shoot Begins
• All shooters must finish and turn in score cards by 1:30pm.
• All competitive shooters will be classified and assigned shooting groups.
• No rangefinders or binoculars will be allowed.
• All groups will be a minimum of 3 and a max of 4 shooters.
• Food and beverages (continental breakfast & catered lunch) will be included in registration fee.

For more information, please contact the Event Coordinator or the Hunter Style 3D Shoot Committee person in the Leadership link.