Old Timer’s Shoot

Members Only

What’s an “Old Timers Shoot”?   Anyone over the age of 55!!

So get your ace bandages, Ben-Gay, Geritol and your walkers all tuned up and ready to shoot!!

Expect laughs, good food, kinship and maybe some good archery!

Those who need visual assistance may bring any of the following: rangefinders, binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes, monocles, opera glasses, submarine sonar, infrared radar and fish finders

• Food and beverages (continental breakfast & catered lunch) will be included in registration fee.

3 Age Groups 

Ages 55 – 64: “Salt & Pepper, Mostly Salt” Group

Ages 65 – 74: The Silver Buffalos

Ages 75 and older: The Golden Archers

Prizes for both compound and traditional shooters in all age groups!

Course varies in stations and design with a lot of laughs and good times planned!

For more information, please contact the Event Coordinator or the Old Timer’s Shoot Committee person in the Leadership link.